We have partnered with Just Shipped
(a local delivery company) for all hand sanitizer deliveries.


If you wish to purchase in our commercial size containers to refill others, we have a limited supply of those available as well.

Please note our pricing sheet. Our first responders and medical care givers must have this sanitizer, so because of our supply we are limiting volume discounts to them and to the first case of other commercial orders. Additionally we may need to phase your orders over a time frame.

Please contact us directly for bulk orders.



In an effort to provide you with the real protection you are seeking with minimal comodified detail please read the following:

  • Alcohol is one of the best organic disinfectants and safe in moderation
  • Alcohol is what we produce
  • The process requires stringent licensing
  • We hold all local, State and Federal licenses required
  • Any excessive or unwarranted use of alcohol can be dangerous
  • Like our Spirits, we encourage you to use it responsibly


If you are struggling with the consistency of our sanitizer particularly where the public are not used to it, you may wish to supply foaming or misting dispensers which will create a foam or mist more easily handled. In turn this will help to avoid waste. This requires no additive to the solution, as we discourage adding anything to it. This would affect the potency required.

Or print them by CLICKING HERE.


Our sanitizer has the following organic ingredients:

  • Alcohol
  • Coconut Oil
  • Glycerin
  • Hydrogen Peroxide

We are producing sanitizer under the guidance and recommendation of the TTB and the FDA to address the COVID – 19 epidemic for you.  To view a copy of those permissions CLICK HERE.

Our Labels:  You may realize our labels have been printed in house, largely because of the rush. The sanitizer is strong and may dissolve the thermal print. We apologize for this and will correct it going forward. It’s a small concession really in making sure you are protected.  To view a copy of our label CLICK HERE.


Our ingredients are organic, but if you are allergic to any of these, use at your own risk or under the supervision of your physician. Excessive use may cause drying, and redness, and it is recommended that daily use of a moisturizing lotion be included. Only a trace of Hydrogen Peroxide is required to comply with de-naturing.

We are in contact with the FDA and specifically the HMSAT, Southern RegionUnited States Department of Transportation, Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration and Office of Hazardous Materials Safety to establish a way to ship. Currently it requires special permission to ship this material. We are working on this now.

Due to the COVID – 19 epidemic, and shortness of supply we are offering a free 50ml bottle for private use (limited supply). We do this as a part of our community responsibility at our own expense, and ask that you consider the purchase of more sanitizer from us should you need it, or a purchase for internal use from our Spirits Selection. This is not required but completely appreciated. If you have questions relating to safety and shipping, the FDA has a page for that here. There are other answers to help you as well.


To be transparent, we make available a part of the World Health Organization guide and recommendations for manufacturing. This is the process we follow. Pure alcohol is expensive, and 75% is very close to pure. For those who find cheap sanitizers and do not look carefully at the contents or methodology used to create them you may think you have a solution. Alcohol is the recommended sanitizer for viruses and bacteria. If used properly, it is safe and effective.


We are easy to find, and until our online store is set up, you will need to pick up at our facility.

CLICK HERE for our location.

Note to Caregivers

We understand you are on the front lines of this defense, therefore we are here to serve you as expeditiously as physically possible. Make us aware of your needs via email please as we are short staffed and will respond more rapidly.

Thank you, our family crest carries our promise:
“fac recte et nil time”
Meaning: “do right & fear nothing”

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